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909 - Priti NYC Deep Organic Rosemary & Mint Sugar Scrub 4 oz.

909 - Priti NYC Deep Organic Rosemary & Mint Sugar Scrub 4 oz.

Price: $20.00
In Bloom
Part Number:909
  • An organic sugar scrub made from rosemary & mint organic essential oils
What makes this scrub unique and different than all the others on the market is that it is a soap based exfoliant. Most scrubs on the market
 are made with nut or seed oils, which give the scrub a very slippery and greasy feel that is difficult to wipe away without a greasy residue. 

 Our scrub rinses clean with just a warm wet towel, and leaves behind no greasy residue.

Our scrub does not use any oils, but uses instead a unique combination of a coconut oil derived soap (Potassium Cocoate) and Tapioca Starch. 
 Combined, these ingredients give the scrub a cookie dough like texture, that is self preserving and activates with water. Tapioca,when 
combined with Sugar is excellent for balancing the skin's PH levels, and soothing bumps, and softening the skin.

We also use organic rosemary and peppermint essential oils for their therapeutic properties.

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