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905 Crystal Glass Nail File

Price: $11.00
PRITI NYC crystal glass nail file never goes dulls
Part Number: 905
Availability: In Bloom


Superior to any nail file on the market!

These are even used by celebrities! We recommend the use on natural and even artificial nails. With continued use they will reduce the chipping, peeling and splitting of your natural nails. Filing surface is so smooth; it will not disturb nail polish during touch ups, this glass file comes with a pointed tip for hard to reach cleaning of the nails. Filing surface is non-porous, double-sided and permanently etched into the glass. The only file that can be sanitized 100% using UVB light, autoclave, heat or liquid disinfectant. The only file board certified in every state in the USA.  Made from float glass, the same process used to produce wine goblets and crystal vases. Environmentally safe. NO lead is added or chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Tempered and hardened for durability and safety, 102% stronger than standard glass. Files that have not been through the tempering and hardening process can splinter. Designed to break in a blunt fashion, should you drop your file, reducing the risk of injury. We even used these files for all of our manicures & pedicures in our organic spa!  A protective sheath is included with each file.

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