Best Nail Polish Colors for Different Occasions

However, choosing a nail polish for an occasion can be as daunting as choosing an outfit or accessories. “As much as it is cool to just throw a mindless coat of paint on the nails or go with the wild trends, choosing the right nail polish for the place and event you are attending is also important,” says Kim D'Amato, a nail polish expert and founder of  PRITI NYC specializing in natural, organic nail polishes. If you always find yourselves contemplating on the best color to nail your nail game, PRITI NYC has done the hard work for you. Here are some great nail polish tips to throw into the whole ensemble for that occasion. 

 Interviews or formal meetings

Appear put together and sophisticated in your next business meetings or interview with neutral colors. “Let them know you understand the value of professionalism and you are up to it,” says Kim D'Amato, the brain behind PRITI NYC “Neutral soft colors like beige, light pink and nude polish will make appear you clean, appropriate and classy” she added. These neutral colors are also perfect for offices and formal gatherings.

Nail polish for someone else Weddings

Are you invited as a guest to someone’s wedding? Pair your outfit with the overall dressing you are going for. It is a special day for the bride, let her shine while you can go for soft colors or nail polish that matches your outfit. Moreover, since the wedding is all about festive and sparkle, make your accent nail stand out with some glittery rose gold while you apply soft colors on the others. 

Nail polish for your wedding

The bride is the center of attraction of the day and she needs to stand out. There are ways to look beautiful with the mani without overdoing it. The wedding gown can be paired with soft shimmering silver or glittering white. Moreover, a bride can never go wrong with a brilliant red color no matter the color of the outfit. 

Nail polish for the first date

Romantic colors such as deep red or bold pink juxtapose different feelings of flirtiness, sexiness, fun, and femininity, therefore they are perfect options for the first date. “While you are preparing for that special date, never forget to make your mani make a remarkable impression on your partner.”  Kim D'Amato advises. There are also PRITI NYC cruelty-free vegan nail polish collections such as pastel colors paired with shimmering color to add some sparkles. 

Wedding anniversary

Here is a soft reminder of the day you make that lifetime commitment, hence, Your nail holds a special place in reminding your partner of why he chooses you in the first place. Be beautiful, sexy and romantic with girly, fairy pink or a combo of creamy pink and peach. 


Holidays are a time to destress and break free of that busy life. That time to feel free, youthful, fun and even wild. Include your nails while you are diving into all that the holiday time has to offer. Either you want to be that sassy, fun girlie, or a practical one, or you just want to be that beachy chic mesmerizing the beauty of the oceans, there is always that perfect color for you. 

Match your nails with the color of the sea with blue color or sea green shade. Whether it is a lazy afternoon on the beach or a tour in your fav city, feel youthful with sparkling nail polish that glitters or colorful with yellow or orange nail polishes. Go creative and daring and get those artistic designs on the nails. For more practical appearance, nude beige will give you some elegance and class. 


Any color can go for the party vibes depending on your personality, mood and the overall appearance you want to pull off.  For instance, you can go for red, glittery polish for that fun, festive party or bright orange polish with shimmering metallic polish to keep your energy fire burning throughout the night. 

Bottom line

These tips are to inspire you on the right nail polish to choose when you are either hosting an event or going for one. Remember, pick the ones that are suitable for the occasion to make a good impression on others while still making your nails stand out and beautiful. Whichever way, you can never go wrong with any of PRITI NYC organic vegan nail polish collections.

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