Nail Care Tips - 10 Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Nails

When it comes to nail polish, there are numerous options available in the market. No doubt a woman looks beautiful when she takes care of herself from head to toe.

The Mantra to look forever beautiful is taking care of the skin, but we often neglect taking care of fingernails and toenails. If you are fond of painting your nails or nail art make sure you keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

Here are a few good tips for healthy nails. Let’s explore them together.


Shape And Trim Your Nails

Unlike tanning, waxing, and scrubbing, keeping nails in shape is also necessary for women to keep up society’s standards of beauty. Also, keeping nails attractive and in good shape is actually useful in keeping them healthy. In addition, preventing nails from tearing or catching on clothes and other items will protect your wardrobe.

Keep Your Nails Dry And Clean

To protect your nails from fungi and bacteria, make sure you keep them dry and clean. Don’t always trust the labels on dishwashing soap saying they are good to keep nails healthy. Most people may not know that the combination of hot water and soap can be damaging. Make sure you wear good quality gloveswhen you are cleaning the dishes in your sink.

Sanitize tears or cuts with ointment

Infections on the delicate cuticle area of skin covered the nail are not only unattractive but may also cause long-term damage. Therefore, it is advisable to disinfect any tears or cuts instantly with antibacterial ointment or tea tree oil is a great alternative. And don’t forget touse cuticle oil to keep the cuticle moisturized.

Treat torn nails immediately

Ugly and painful, torn and ingrown nails should get immediate treatment to avoid infection. Most of the time it is easy to treat them with home remedies, including antibacterial ointment and some TLC. In a few cases, it becomes necessary to approach a dermatologist to treat these conditions.

Coat outside of nails with polish

Applying a clear coat or regular polish on the nails has been always helpful in keeping nails moisturized and protect them from splitting. In addition, to keep your nails pretty will make you feel great and happy!


Do not use nails as tools

Most people use fingernails instead of the pan scraper to remove the cake from a pan. Do you know, if you do so it can cause cuts to the cuticles and damage to nails? Therefore, it is advisable not to use nails as a tool to pick or scrap something. Otherwise, it will keep damaging your nails, and they may start looking ugly. Also, do not forget to use gloves while cleaning or washing dishes.

Do not bite nails

The next time you feel like biting your nails, think of everything you’ve picked or scraped with those fingers in the last few hours. It will help deter you from biting them as it can also cause damage to the nail beds. To get rid of this nervous energy, try meditation. It will help you to transform your nervous energy into relaxation.

Do not ignore inflammation, color or texture

Remember, healthy nails must have a uniform color and consistency. In case you find something that looks abnormal, get it checked out by a dermatologist, as it may be a sign of some serious illness or disease. They can also guide you few best 10 tips for healthy nails that you can follow and implement for protecting your nails.

Do not overuse polish remover

Few women are so much addicted to nail paints that switch to colors for two to three times a week. Removing one polish from your nail and switching to another one frequently is not a good idea. As too much usage of polish remover usually dry out and damage the nails. Therefore, it is advisable not to use acetone-free polish remover more than once a week. Soy nail polish remover will not dry out your nails and we use essential oils in our remover for their therapeutic values.

Do not peel off your polish

Sometimes when we are nervous we start biting our nails without knowing its consequences.Most people may not know that nail-biting, and peeling your polish off not only remove polish but also take away layers of actual nail. And this is the reason why we have mentioned in the above points to use polish remover for removing polish and switch your nervous energy somewhere else.

Final Thoughts

So these are the few good tips to remember in order to take care of your nails. These tips for healthy nails will help you to keep them shining and glowing. Also, if you use organic nail polish it will help maintain the health of your nails.If you want healthy, glowing, and beautiful nails, follow these 10 do’s and don’ts tips from today.

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