Vegan Nail Polish? Yes, It Exists! Here are the Reasons to Choose

Say no to animal cruelty!  Vegan beauty products mean they contain no animal ingredients and cruelty free means they are not tested on animals. It is important to me that our PRITI NYC  vegan nail polish are  BOTH  vegan and cruelty free  as some products can be cruelty free but still contain animal by products and also can be vegan and not cruelty free.  We proudly carry the distinguished Leaping bunny program certification.

Lets’ explore a few most reasons to choose vegan nail polish.

Avoiding Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty should not be accepted. The animals used in testing are tortured, blinded, and even killed in the process of testing. They are forced to live a life of pain and suffering. We humans should never forget that they are also living beings and have the right to live a happy and peaceful life. So, buying vegan products is a good way to say no to animal cruelty and testing.

Safe Cosmetic Ingredients are Available

There a huge amount of safe cosmetic ingredients available then why so we don’t have to use products tested on animals. Companies or brands can pick ingredients from the list of around 6,000 safe ingredients to produce nail polish. Though some companies use ingredients tested on animals because ‘they use that information to defend themselves when they are sued “ And it allows them to come up with some new innovative ingredient. In result, it increases their profit.

Laboratory Animals Also Need Protection

The animal welfare act protects the welfare of some but not all animals.

99 percent of the animals used in testing are not even covered by even the minimal protection. This law is unethical and insensitive and on top of that even if the products harm the animals they can still market it and sell to us the consumer and just because it is safe for animals doesn’t mean it is for us.  This is another great reason  to choose vegan  products and vegan nail polish.

Cruelty-Free Brands Are Budget-Friendly

Ingredients in some vegan and cruelty free products can be more expensive. Even more so if they are certified organic and natural but there is plenty of budget friendly brands on the market.

Final Words    

So, these are the few good reasons to choose a vegan nail polish that not only prevent animal cruelty and testing but also keeps your skin healthy and protect you from any kind of allergy from animal ingredients. If you still want to know more about organic nail polish or vegan nail polish, you can share with us below in the comment box.

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