lets talk about  PRITINYC soy cuticle oil with geranium essential oil
Cuticle oils are moisturizers for your nail and cuticle .It keeps them moisturized and healthy. PRITINYC soy cuticle oil is Made from soybean and is rich in vitamins and nutrients that nourish the delicate skin around your nails. It hydrates and softness cracked cuticles. Regular use prevents hangnails and promotes healthy nail growth. in addition to its moisturizing properties soy cuticle oils contains antioxidants that helps protect your nails and cuticles from environmental damage. Beneficial to those who expose their hands to water, chemicals and or harsh weather conditions. I definitely use this product more than others especially in winter. You can use it daily. I often use this on the models hang nails back stage at fashion week. After the weeks of shows their nails are really dry and damaged. Having studied at the New York aromatherapy school I learnt to work with different essential oils and I understood how the properties of essential oils can enhance a product so I added the geranium essential oil to our cuticle oil as it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties making it great to sooth skin irritations . The scent also will uplifts moods and reduce stress and anxiety..... I hope you enjoy....
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