Lemon  yellow nails for summer are bright and happy ....but did you know there  exists a  disease called yellow nail syndrome.
When life gives you lemons... paint your nails yellow! I love the brightness of summer yellow nails but did you know there exists a condition such as yellow nail syndrome ? it is a rare disorder usually characterized by malformations affecting your nails such as thick yellow nails. It also effects your lungs and limbs. People with this syndrome can get nails that curve and separate from your nail bed and also respiratory symptoms such as chronic cough and usually have swollen ankles and lower legs.some experts believe this results in issues with your circulatory and or lymphatic system. This is a rare disease, usually in adults over 50 so please make sure you see your health care provider if you see any nail changes. Symptoms may include nail changes such a slow growth or even stoping of nail growth ,swelling in your legs   and respiratory symptoms such as repeat sinus infections and fluid build up in your lungs  ,it may be linked to dental Titanium implants or joint replacement.   YNS is not a fatal disease and can be cured if addressed as soon as possible.
For more information https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/what-is-yellow-nail-syndrome
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