Tips to Prevent Nails from Peeling and Breaking

Do you know what makes nails healthy and beautiful? The answer is - CARE. If you are a woman and you love to flaunt your nails, make sure to take care of them regularly. If you continuously deal with these issues we have some solutions to this problem.

Let’s explore a few good nail care tips to prevent nails from peeling.

Moisturizing nails and hand after a wash

Everyone knows how water is useful in hydrating our skin, but do you know it dehydrates our nails? Using soap, or detergent also can dry out our nails. Peeling nails can also be a sign of dehydration so make sure you drink lots of water and remember to apply moisturizer to your hands and nails after each hand wash or shower. Also taking biotin can help improve this problem.

Use rubber gloves to wash dishes

A Majority of the time, nails get damaged due to the everyday household chores. Especially while washing dishes. Wearing gloves while washing dishes by hand will protect your nails from peeling or breaking. You can also make a hand soak using olive oil from your kitchen just soak for a few minutes then rinse and apply your hand cream. 

Apply the organic or vegan nail polish to your nails

Use quality products. When it comes to protecting your nails try to use organic and vegan nail polish. They do not contain the cancer causing chemicals and also vegan nail polish helps stop cruelty to animals.

Protect nails while gardening

Washing dishes is not the only reason for damaged nails. Gardening can also cause a lot of damage to your nails. If you love doing gardening wear gloves to protect your nails. It will not only protect your skin but also your nails from splitting.

Polish your nails regularly

Applying nail polish is an easy and good way to keep nails hydrated. A Basecoat is essential for your nails as it protects them from chipping. Also, try using a nail strengthener as your base coat. You can apply this every day or every other day. Nails do not need to breathe as they are made from Keratin unlike your skin that does.

Avoid using too much remover

Most common nail polish remover consists of various solvents that may be harmful to your nails. These include alcohol, butyl acetate, acetone, etc. which dehydrates your nails to a great extent. Therefore, it is recommendable not to use this type of remover too often. Use nail polish remover of good quality, preferably organic like PRITI NYC soy nail polish remover that moisturizes your nails and has the added benefit of essential oils and will not dry them out.

File your nails after a shower

Whether you want to clip or file your nails, the best time for this is after washing your hands. The reason is simple, when nails are wet they get softer and less likely to split.

Avoid biting your nails

Nail-biting is often a reason for splitting and peeling. It can cause infections also. Having manicures, cutting your nails short, wearing gloves are some of the various ways to try to avoid this habit.

File your nails in one direction

Always file your nails only in one direction. This should prevent splitting and peeling. When you file back or forth it may split your nails. Try using a glass nail file as glass glides over the nail tip it doesn’t tear the nails like metal or an emery board. It is also very hygienic. PRITI NYC nail files are glass.

Final Words

So these are the few good nail care tips to prevent nails from peeling. Also, do not forget to make a habit of using vegan and organic nail polish like PRITI NYC .
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