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Most women struggle with their nail polish as it starts peeling and chipping after a few days. To maintain your nail polish and long lasting manicure, here are few best natural nail polish tips.

Let’s explore these nail care tips that can help you to keep nail polish last longer on your nails.

Get it trimmed from professionals only

Do you know how to trim your cuticles?  if you are not professional then it is not a good idea to trim your cuticles by yourself.  Otherwise, improper use of tools can damage your cuticle area as it is a very sensitive area. If you are doing it at home you can use apply a cream cuticle remover.  After pushing your cuticle back with an orange stick, apply to remover and gently remove the dead skin from the area and nail plate. Once you have removed dead skin, clean the remover and skin and wash your hands.

Appropriate nail preparation

The most important nail polish tip to consider to keep a manicure last longer is appropriate care of nails. Nail polish tips such as Use a non -acetone nail polish remover. Use a nail file to shape your nails to a shape that mirrors your cuticles. They will be less likely to break and remember to use cuticle oil as often as possible.

 Yes to vinegar

Remember, before you apply polish on your nails, they should be clean and free of oils. To make it easier, you can choose to use a Q-tip dipped in white vinegar that can remove excess oils from your nails. In case you don’t don’t like white vinegar, you can go for isopropyl alcohol.

Use Base Coat

Use a base coat as it is a great foundation to build your manicure, not only because it is helps make a manicure last longer, but also because it can prevent your natural nail from staining. Especially, when you’re applying dark colors like red and black. Base coats stick to the nail bed and the polish above just like double-sided tape for example.

Two coats

 Always apply two coats but thin coats, done in three strokes only. Too many strokes usually end up in clumps and it will not dry. 

Reapply topcoat

It is important is to apply the top coat.  This is the sealer and prevents chipping and splitting on the nail. Reapply top coat every few days can help manicure to last longer on your natural nails.

The free edge is very important as well so make sure you always run the base, the polish and the top coat on the free edge to seal the nail.

 Final Thoughts

These are the few good natural nail polish tips to keep your manicure last longer. Also, it is better to use vegan nail polish as they not only stay longer but also does not harm your nails and skin.

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